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Gift Ideas for Car Lovers – Part 1

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Although many people launched into holiday shopping mode on Black Friday, others prefer Cyber Monday as the officially date to kick off their spending. With Christmas just around the corner, you likely have a few challenging friends or family members on your gift list. Here are five gift ideas for the car junkie in your life, to help simplify your seasonal shopping.

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Portable Car Jump Starter

Winter driving has enough challenges without worrying about a roadside breakdown. That’s why a portable car jump starter is a great gift for those who do a lot of solo driving, since you can use it on your own without the need of another car.


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Steering Wheel Cover

Ranging from leather to sheepskin to leather, a steering wheel cover is a sure-fire way to win a car lover’s heart. Not only will it protect their wheel from the wear and tear of daily use, but it will also provide extra grip for their hands for safer driving.


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Dash Camera

No matter how safely you drive, sometimes accidents happen. Make this event less stressful for a loved one by gifting them with a dash camera. This affordable gadget mounts to the inside of the windshield and automatically records accident footage when it senses a crash, to make filing an insurance claim easier.


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Heated Ice Scraper

Lessen the stress for daily commuters who live in chilly winter climates, with this handy tool. Corded versions typically plug in to cigarette lighter of the vehicle, although some models are cordless for even more convenience.


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key finder

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Key Finder

For the person who tends to lose their keys, this gadget is a must-have. This gadget usually attaches to a key chain and syncs to smartphone via Bluetooth. Key finders can also help detect a missing wallet, in case you prefer to pair it with this item.

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Stay tuned for more nifty gift ideas in the days to come!



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