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GM Korea Design Center Earns LEED Gold Certification

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The GM Korea Design Center

The GM Korea Design Center

General Motors today announced that the GM Korea Design Center in Incheon, South Korea, received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council. The GM Korea Design Center is the first automotive facility in South Korea to win such a distinction and the seventh GM building worldwide to earn it.

LEED-certified buildings have an overall healthier and cleaner environmental quality, which leads to better health for those who regularly work inside them.

“Green buildings with increased ventilation and better lighting support the health and productivity of employees,” said Doug Ravas, General Motors senior manager, global facilities. “With seven LEED-certified facilities, GM is demonstrating its long-term commitment to its employees and the environment.”

Specific qualities of the GM Korea Design Center that earned it its LEED Gold certification include the following:

  • Reuse of rain water for toilets and landscaping (cuts overall water consumption in half)
  • Use of storage and collection facilities for recyclables
  • Installation of a chlorofluorocarbon-free cooling system
  • Use of energy-efficient technology and LED lighting (reduces energy cost by 26 percent)
  • Use of recycled and regional materials for construction, as well as the monitoring of construction waste disposal
  • Installation of a ventilation system that uses low volatile organic compound paints and adhesives, as well as the use of high-efficiency filtration systems to remove indoor air contaminants

The $40 million GM Korea Design Center opened just a couple months ago, back in April 2014.