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Honda Commences Testing on EV Commuter Vehicle in Japan

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EV Commuter VehicleWhile the concept of the commuter car hasn’t quite taken off in the United States yet, they are all the rage in Japan because of their ability to efficiently traverse across cityscapes without the emissions of a regular automobile.  Honda is looking to capitalize on the small car’s successes in Japan with testing of its Micro EV Commuter vehicle prototype, according to Autocar.

The Honda Micro Commuter will utilize a rear-mounted electric motor, which will be powered by a 15-kilowatt lithium-ion battery.  This will enable Honda’s urban-vehicle to get a top speed of 50 mph with a 37-mile range.

The interior will boast a one-to-one seating arrangement, making it ideal for driver-only or one passenger travel.  To make the most of the car’s small space, the Micro Commuter’s most vital parts will be located beneath the floor.

While by no means as popular in America as these vehicles have proven to be internationally, we could foresee the Honda Micro Commuter being adopted wholeheartedly as a form of aspirin for the headache-inducing urban drive in areas such as New York, Philadelphia, and Charlotte.  This seems to be within the realm of possibility: it wasn’t long ago that people questioned the practicality of HEV/EV vehicles; today, Honda is able to produce a hybrid car that can get over 85 miles to the gallon.