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How to Transport a 2015 Chevy Colorado to the Alaskan Wilderness

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2015 Chevy Colorado pickup truck being loaded onto airplane in Alaska

Chevrolet’s slogan is “Find New Roads.” Sometimes, that motto is taken very literally.

For example, the Alaskan oil outfit ARSC Energy Services use Chevy Colorado trucks, but many of their remote job sites can’t be accessed by roads. So how do they get the pickups there?

A new GM fleet commercial answers that question:

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Yes, that’s a 4×4 being stuffed inside a Shorts 330 Sherpa airplane, creating the world’s most badass Russian nesting doll. The truck had to be fitted with smaller wheels, the fenders had to be taped in case of rubbing, and the vehicle still only cleared by half an inch.

“Our fleet vehicles double as mobile offices for the majority of our employees, so we need to give them dependable vehicles in the remote areas where they work,” ARSC general manager Chris Maynard says in the video. “These locations can vary from areas with no electricity to temporary roads built on top of the frozen tundra.”

The ARSC fleet actually features three different Chevy trucks: the Silverado 1500 for light-duty work, the more efficient Colorado, and the Silverado HD workhorse.

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“We build our trucks with companies like Arctic Slope in mind,” said GM executive John Schwegman. “Their employees don’t have time to worry about how the vehicle will operate when the weather is 40 degrees below zero. We ensure our vehicle’s performance will stand up to the test so they can get their work done.”