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How to Extend Your EV Battery’s Shelf Life

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Like with conventional car batteries, EV batteries have a certain shelf life. There are also factors that can hinder or help an EV battery’s overall health. Here’s a brief overview of both so you can keep your auto’s battery in peak condition for many more miles of driving. 

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Things that drain EV batteries

According to Quartz, heat and direct current were the top two things that depleted EV batteries. So if you live an extremely hot climate and drive an EV, it’s likely that your EV’s battery will need to be recharged more frequently than if you live in a milder climate. And if you regularly use fast-chargers to power up your EV’s battery, you might want to ditch this habit. 

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Things that help extend battery life

Geotab recommends a few beneficial practices to boost your EV battery’s life. For starters, avoid DC fast chargers and consider using slower Level 1 or 2 units instead. And aim to keep the battery between 20-80 percent charged at all times. Lastly, try to shield your vehicle from the heat, when and if possible. For example, park your EV in the shade in summer. You can also invest in a battery sleeve designed to prevent it from overheating and use it whenever your vehicle is parked at home.

But cold weather can also take a toll on EV batteries. For more tips on protecting your EV’s battery from extreme temperatures, check out this article here

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