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Hyundai Fools Us with Surprisingly Realistic Virtual Reality Prank

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Hyundai Tucson VRES April Fools Joke Travel

There are two types of April Fools’ jokes: the one that promises us something we’ve always dreamed of, then strips it at away to have a laugh at our expense; and, there’s the one that shows us something completely outrageous so both the audience and the jokesters can share a laugh at the absurdity.

This April 1st, Hyundai proved that there’s actually a third type of April Fools’ joke: revealing something that doesn’t exist currently but is plausible enough to become reality down the road. There aren’t any laughs here, though—only excitement for what the future may hold.

In a video uploaded to Hyundai UK’s Facebook page, the new Tucson SUV is advertised with cutting edge VRES technology: “Virtual Reality Entertainment System.” With it, you can turn ordinary drives into globe-trotting adventures.

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[VIDEO] Watch the April Fools’ Joke That May Become a Reality

Kids will never be bored in the back seat again! Discover the Tucson’s new Virtual Reality Entertainment System: #VRES

Posted by Hyundai UK on Thursday, March 31, 2016

The pitch is actually quite convincing. Pointing out already-existing HUD technology (“heads-up display” that projects speed and directions on the windshield to assist the driver), the video pans to similar digital video technology on the passenger windows and panoramic sunroof that utilizes HUD displays on “newly-developed electrochromic glass.” The windows are even touch-screen interactive!

With this technology, passengers can learn about wildlife, see constellations in the stars, and get up close to dinosaurs (using bespoke programs available via Hyundai’s new app store called App: Real Feels).

“With VRES we’re really changing the way people will feel about car journeys,” explained Tu Morrow, Head of Hyundai’s Future Technology Division, in the press release. “With educational apps and entertainment at your fingertips you’ll never hear your passengers complain about a long journey again.”

Hyundai Tucson VRES April Fools Joke Travel Raptor

There’s just one drawback: the technology was only available on April 1, 2016. Har har…

Notably, the fake Tucson VRES is not too far off from virtual reality the brand already is developing—as used in Hyundai’s “Going Home” project that created an interactive VR map of North Korea.

So in a year or two, you may actually be riding along next to a Velociraptor—just not the genetically-engineered Jurassic Park type.

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