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[VIDEO] Un-compromise: Hyundai India Elite i20 Is Released

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Hyundai India Elite i20 commerical red parking garange

The Hyundai Elite i20 wants to take you on a sporty, yet sophisticated, ride. Photo: Hyundai India Youtube

As the rest of the world waits for Hyundai’s new i20 supermini car to be launched at the Paris Motor Show this October, car buyers in India now have the Elite i20 available to them. Launched this week by Hyundai India (a subsidiary of Hyundai) in New Delhi, the world premier of this premium compact hatchback may not directly affect American buyers just yet, but it offers a look into the future of Hyundai designs.

The Hyundai India Elite i20 Specs

According to developers, the second generation of i20 in India was visually redesigned to feature a youthful, sporty exterior which would appeal to premium, elite customers. This approach is most strikingly showcased in the Elite i20’s use of Fluidic Sculpture 2.0, Hyundai’s emphasis on fluid aesthetics, model appeal, and premium interiors.

The Elite i20 offers buyer two different engine options: 1.2L Kappa Dual VTVT 5-Speed or 1.4L U2 CRDi 6-Speed Transmission. With those, five feature packages are available too: Era, Magna, Sportz, Sportz(o), and Asta. Additionally, high performance and fuel efficiency are merged with re-engineered powertrains.

Impressive design features on the Elite i20 include the single-frame “masculine and bold” hexagonal grill, elongated headlamps and fog lights, diamond cut alloy wheels, and chrome finish. Buyers have a variety of bold yet classy color options, like red passion, pristine blue, and midas gold. Apart from the standard safety features, the Elite i20 features a smart pedal to maintain control during panic breaking, impact-sensing door unlock, rear camera, and reverse parking sensors.

In the end, the base model costs Rs. 4.89 lakh ($8,000), while the fully-loaded version can reach about Rs. 7.67 lakh ($12,500).

The Hyundai India Elite i20 Commerical

Hyundai India Elite i20 commerical woman phone

Photo: Hyundai India Youtube

For those of us who won’t be travelling to India to obtain an Elite i20, Hyundai has graced us with an entertaining, espionage-like ride via their new international commercial. While most of the footage is focused on the stars rather than the vehicle itself, the slow-motion sequences and car crashes leave a suave and cinematic impression of the new model.

Being that enhanced driving dynamics were a priority for the i20’s development team, the turning radius and responsive controls are clearly emphasized throughout the action. Clearly, Hyundai India’s marketing strategy is to underline the idea that not everyone can handle the Elite i20, playing off the superiority in the more affluent parts of India.

Watch the commercial below and decide if you’re elite enough for the Elite i20.

 Source:  NDTV Auto