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Hyundai Invites Fans to Hi-Tech Football Heaven Inside FanDome

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Hyundai FanDome Euro 2016 football screen

As automotive sponsor of the month-long tournament, Hyundai Motors has been delivering a variety of exciting and creative ways for fans across the globe to experience the thrill of UEFA Euro 2016. As the final match is set for this weekend in France, people of all walks of life are gathering for the big finale.

Hyundai UK has been receiving lots of attention over the past month for the viewing venue it’s erected in King’s Cross, London. The hi-tech, one-of-a-kind FanDome has attracted numerous fans with its real-time, 360° viewing experience.

Hyundai FanDome Euro 2016 viewing tent
The Hyundai FanDome, a gigantic tent measuring 65.5 feet by 131 feet, uses live video feed and added visual effects on a panoramic screen to create an immersive viewing experience. Some parts of the screen are satellite feeds of the matches–displayed at double-life-size–while the rest is filled with atmosphere animation of stats, clocks, clouds, angels, and other heavenly images. Without going into all the technical details, the quality of the projectors and image resolution is really impressive.

Hyundai FanDome Euro 2016 Vinnie JonesLive events in each match are accompanied by audio and visual reactions from programmers within the dome, creating unique sights and sounds that enhance the immersive feeling. Even scents like freshly cut grass are pumped through the dome. Much of this depends on programmed wristbands worn by attendees that signal technicians and their computers on when and how for the dome to react.

And, hosting the event is actor/athlete Vinnie Jones via pre-recorded footage.

We can only imagine the level of excitement that will be in the FanDome during the final match. Too bad we don’t have tickets.