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In the Rearview: Rosberg Out, Gordon In, Toyota Says Toodle-loo Dum-Dums!

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Welcome to In the Rearview, where we take you on your very own journey back over the previous week to hear about some of the top news stories on The News Wheel.

First up, we have the Dodge Challenger GT receiving four wheel drive to deliver righteous American muscle into the heart of winter, followed by the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid claiming the title of Most Efficient Minivan IN HISTORY (which is less surprising than you think, because it’s also the only plug-in hybrid minivan in history).

Then, Honda has given a sneak peek of its NeuV concept, whose description seems to imply that it doubles as a buzzword generator.

The rumor mill has started to murmur that Toyota may soon take its partnership with Gazoo racing to the next level and make it a performance-based sub-brand. Here’s hoping the badge is the shape of a little green man.

In more racing news, Nico Rosberg is out, and Jeff Gordon is in, the former quitting Formula 1 to spend more time with his family after becoming World Champion and the latter getting back in to Cadillac’s endurance racing team after retiring from NASCAR.

Then, do you like the Corvette, and have an iPhone with iMessage? Then jump for joy, because there are now Corvette emojis.

Finally, amazingly cool guy Vibor Cavor discusses his craft with us: creating realistic LEGO car sculptures.