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In the Rearview: Sick of Talking About Trump

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Welcome to In the Rearview, where I (sometimes belatedly) bring you some of the top automotive news of the past week.

This time, we open by talking about emissions rules–while automakers have been begging the new administration to relax or delay EPA emissions regulations, consumer advocate groups have been asking for the exact opposite, arguing basically that the standards have given us better and more efficient cars, and the automakers are being whiners about all this.

Then, last week I got sick of talking about Donald Trump and whatever he was doing that would affect the automotive industry, so I decided to answer a question that’s been kicking around my head: if I could drive any car on the TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets, what would it be?

Next, have you ever just stared into the flames on bonfire for the calm fascination of watching something slowly fall apart? If so, take a gander at what’s been going on at Uber.

In news out of Japan and France, Carlos Ghosn, high priest of carmaking, has stepped down from his position as CEO of Nissan. Now, he will merely be chairman of the board of executives of Nissan. And chairman at Mitsubishi. And CEO at Renault.

Speaking of Japan, Mitsubishi has revealed its newest SUV, and there are two things I don’t like: the weird bar going through the middle of the rear windshield a la the Pontiac Aztek, and the fact that the company just grabbed whatever name that happened to be laying in the parts bin and slapped it on there. So, here it is: the new Mitsubishi Eclipse.

In other new car news, one of the biggest auto shows of the year is shortly coming to New York, and we want to help you get there, with tips on how to get discounted tickets. We’re nice that way.

So, from there we go to a product review, with the Keyport Key Organizers. I wouldn’t have minded getting one of those–my keychain is really starting to look more like something that you take off of a sleeping guard in a fantasy medieval dungeon.

Finally, with the final story, it struck me that General Motors in general and Chevrolet in specific are trying really hard to be greener. In addition to the electric cars and the green-ifying of the supply chain, Chevrolet is now planting a forest in Colombia.