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In the Rearview: Trump Tweets and Weirdness from Dodge

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Greetings and welcome back to In the Rearview, where we take you on a mystic journey through some of the top stories on The News Wheel in the past week.

We open with the hot topic among news outlets and one that I really just wanted out of the way quickly: Donald Trump’s tweets. First he tweeted at Toyota, then Toyota promised to invest money, but it looks like that money was just what Toyota was going to invest anyway.

In less current news, though, it turns out that the smokin’ hot Ferrari GT California from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was originally intended to be some boxy Mercedes-Benz. I think they made the right choice–who could possibly say “chicka chicka” over some straight-lined, serious luxo-sedan?

From there, we turn to the auto shows.

First, there is Toyota’s Concept-i, which it brought to the Consumer Electronics Show. The small car is pilot by an AI named “Yui” designed to measure your emotions and build a “meaningful and human” relationship with you–I think that one of the designers was a Sword Art Online fan.

Second, we have the new GMC Terrain at the North American International Auto Show, cousin to the recently-revealed Chevy Equinox. I’m predicting that the next SUV would be named something like the Chevy Mesa, or the international version, the Opel Fjord.

Third, Kia, has brought something that its lineup has been missing for years: a sports car, called the Stinger. I’m afraid I don’t have anything snarky to say–it actually looks kind of nice.

In the world of Motorsports, we have a preview of what we might expect from Formula 1 in 2017. Based on the betting odds, people seem to expect Mercedes to win, despite all the drama and a wide-ranging overhaul of the cars’ aerodynamics.

Speaking of racing, we recently reviewed a peculiar racing-related car accessory: Piloti Limited Editon Chevy Camaro Fifty racing shoes. So, if you love driving enough (and your Camaro enough) that you would like to have a pair of shoes specially designed to drive, then check them out.

Finally, Dodge has taken a step down a strange path when it announced that it would be bringing an even more muscular Dodge Challenger, called the SRT Demon, to the New York International Auto Show. That’s not the weird part. The weird part is the teaser video, where the Hellcat is this strange, symbolic creature captured by the military and carefully transported to a random city street before just being released, at which point a bunch of white mice show up out of nowhere, the Hellcat bites a can of green liquid, and explodes, leaving a shadowy figure standing in its place. All I have are questions.