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The INFINITI Qs Inspiration Rethinks the Sport Sedan

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Infiniti Qs Inspiration

Considering the current trend towards electrification, it’s only natural that INFINITI unveiled the Qs Inspiration, an electric sport sedan. Debuted at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, the Qs Inspiration concept showcases futuristic technology, a spacious interior, and a sharp new design language.

Legendary Quality: Why buy INFINITI?

A closer look at the INFINITI Qs Inspiration

For 30 years, INFINITI has built a reputation for its innovative, high-performance luxury sedans. That legacy lives on with the Qs Inspiration — it will offer both electric and e-POWER powertrains. The unique e-POWER powertrain uses the engine to power the battery that drives the wheels, which allows it to deliver a massive amount of instant torque, provide smooth acceleration, and operate quietly.

A conventional hybrid uses a gasoline engine and an electric motor to drive the wheels. Conventional EVs, on the other hand, require large motors and heavy batteries. However, the e-POWER powertrain allows for reduced weight, more responsive motor control, and optimized energy management.

The Qs Inspiration’s design is innovative, too. Created by designer Karim Habib and architect Kengo Kuma, the Qs Inspiration boasts a clean, clutter-free cockpit, a spacious back seat, and styling inspired by the art and modern architecture of Japan.

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Luxury for the Chinese market

Although INFINITI vehicles are also built in North America and Japan, the first of the INFINITI Qs Inspiration models will be built in China, for Chinese buyers. China is a promising market for EVs — especially luxury models. INFINITI is embracing that trend by offering upscale, fun-to-drive, sleek, and efficient vehicles to a growing market of buyers.

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