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Intriguing Rumor: Mazda May Bring Diesel Engines to US Next Year, Reveal Details at LA

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2017 mazda6 sedan

The possibility of Mazda bringing its diesel engines to the United States is a frustrating subject. It was first promised to come to us by the summer of 2013, which was pushed back to 2014, then to 2016, and then indefinitely as certification delays and diesel emissions scandals caused release dates to be pushed back further and further. In the meantime, predictions have wavered back and forth over whether or not the brand will even bring diesels from overseas.

Now, though, according to Japanese publication Nikkei Review, that wait may soon be over, as the publication’s unnamed sources claim that Mazda will be offering not one, but two diesel-engine vehicles in the United States next year. This would finally bring a conclusion to the brand’s fine-tuning of the engines to meet environmental regulations while still offering the desired performance, and would fly in the face of the prevailing automaker reluctance to offer diesels in the American market.

What lucky vehicles will get the diesel treatment?

Well, according to those unnamed sources, the first to receive the brand’s SKYACTIV-D engine would be the newly-revealed 2017 CX-5, which is set to hit the Japanese market first in February before spreading to other markets. Shortly after that, apparently the Mazda6 is predicted to receive a diesel engine. Both are predicted to get the brand’s 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel engine.

If this turns out to be a true rumor, then at least we will find out soon, as according to Nikkei Review, the brand will outline its plans for diesel engines in the US during the LA Auto Show this week.

News Source: Car Scoops