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John Cena Moves to Dismiss Ford’s Lawsuit Over Sale of 2017 Ford GT

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The most famous movement in John Cena’s professional wrestling arsenal is arguably not an actual offensive maneuver—like the Five Knuckle Shuffle or the Attitude Adjustment—but rather a taunt. Specifically, a taunt where he raises his hand with his palm facing his face, waggles it to and fro in front of his eyes, and informs opponent and onlooker alike that “you can’t see me.”

Despite the looming specter of Wrestlemania on the horizon, a more important movement for Cena today is a motion to dismiss filed against Ford in court last week. Cena, as you’ll recall, is being sued by the automaker for violating the terms of a purchase agreement and selling his rare 2017 Ford GT without first maintaining ownership for 24 months.

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According to Cena’s motion, the stip over which Cena is currently being sued was not expressly stated in his final purchase agreement (though it was specified in an email prior to purchase), and he feels that the contractual oversight creates cause for dismissal of Ford’s suit. Ford is seeking damages in excess of $75,000, attorney’s fees, and to buy back the Ford GT from Cena for its original sale price ($463,376.50).

Reads Cena’s motion to dismiss:

The defendant, John Cena, moves to dismiss Ford Motor Company’s complaint under Fed. R. Civ. P.12(b)(6) because the final, governing contract containing all terms for the sale of the2017 Ford GT did not restrict Cena from reselling the vehicle. Ford and Cena agreed that any resale restriction would be in the selling dealer’s sales agreement. Ford failed to cause its selling dealer to include any resale restriction, so Ford has no claim.

In December, Cena said that he was “extremely excited and interested” to see where the court case would go, adding that he would ultimately be happy with whatever conclusion would be reached by a judge.

You can get all of the juicy details by reading the full motion to dismiss below:

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