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Lexus Canada Redesigned Santa’s Sleigh

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Lexus HX
Photo: Lexus

Have you ever looked at Santa’s sleigh and thought “Man, that could really use a spindle grille”? If you have, you’re apparently operating on the same galaxy-brain wavelength as Lexus Canada.

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A very merry Lexus

Lexus HX
Photo: Lexus

To celebrate the holiday season, Lexus Canada set its sights on the North Pole. The result was a strikingly reimagined version of a centuries-old icon, complete with a list of features that was tailor-made for Old Saint Nick. An official press release boasts that it was crafted by elite Takumi elves, and that the vehicle sports “unlimited cargo capacity” for storing countless toys, along with “All-Reindeer Drive” to make dashing through the snow a little easier.

“I’m a simple man, but the ol’ sleigh has been looking a bit less refined than it used to,” stated Santa, no doubt admiring his new ride’s aerodynamic new look. “It was time for me to upgrade my capabilities to help deliver toys to all the children on my nice list more efficiently, so the Lexus HX Sleigh Concept couldn’t have come at a better time. Mrs. Claus is excited to drive it, too!”

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The new luxury sleigh definitely has a few more amenities than Santa’s old clunker. It boasts a 25-inch touch-screen display with Embedded Air Traffic Control to help old Kris Kringle avoid colliding with commercial airliners. And since it can get frosty when you’re flying at 60,000 feet, the Lexus HX boasts Climate Concierge with a built-in neck warmer. And like many other Lexus models, it boasts a Mark Levinson Surround Sound Audio System. Plus, its Infrared paint job is the perfect shade for the season.

And if you’re worried about the jolly old man’s reindeer getting replaced, don’t get your antlers in a twist. Rudolph, the Director of Reindeer Resources, embraces Santa’s new ride. “I run a tight sleigh, and the combination of Lexus’s trademark hybrid electric technology and well-honed All-Reindeer Drive will really allow us to take our job to the next level. Plus, the fact that it runs on 100% renewable holiday spirit means even our planet gets a gift this year! With the added efficiency the Lexus HX Sleigh Concept gives us, I’m confident we’ll even find some time to fit in some gift deliveries for grown-ups, too!”