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Lincoln Improves SYNC with New Aviator, Announces Expansion of Pre-Owned Subscription Service

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Lincoln SYNC "Considerate Prompts"

Lincoln’s revitalization project focuses on experience as much as it does product. With the reveal of the new Aviator, the luxury brand also announced updates to Lincoln SYNC, the launch of a subscription service pilot, and the expansion of several pre-existing programs.

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“Lincoln is developing services that make our clients’ lives effortless, and we consider very carefully how we connect those services,” says Joy Falotico, president, The Lincoln Motor Company. “We look at their lives, how they work, and what they do, and then we look at what we can offer them from a Lincoln perspective to make everything more seamless and to save our clients what they value most—their time.”

Beginning with the Lincoln Aviator, Lincoln SYNC will provide drivers with prompts via the vehicle’s cluster display to rectify a given circumstance. If, for example, you run low on gas, SYNC will utilize your navigation to point you to a nearby gas station.

Lincoln Subscription Service

Lincoln will also bolster its subscription service through Canvas that allows customers in the West Los Angeles and San Francisco areas to drive pre-owned Lincoln vehicles. This expands upon a pilot that offers drivers in the region access to 2015 pre-owned vehicles, upgrading the offerings to include Lincolns from the 2017 model year. For a monthly fee, drivers will have access to the vehicles for a predetermined number of miles and are offered an all-inclusive bundle including insurance, maintenance, warranty, and roadside assistance. In addition, users of the pilot will be able to utilize Lincoln’s Pickup & Delivery service.

Additionally, Lincoln is expanding its Personal Driver pilot program to Dallas, and it is expecting to integrate the program into its Lincoln Way app.

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