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Make Your Road Trip Exciting With These 5 Fun Games

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asian family in car on road trip
Entertain the family with these fun games

Are we there yet? What time is it? I’m bored! How much longer? These are all a parent’s worst nightmare when the family is trapped in a car for several hours on a road trip. Whether you’re traveling with kids or want something to entertain adult passengers without the use of a smartphone, keep some of these classic road games in mind!

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1. License Plate Game

There are a handful of versions of the license plate game. One popular way is to look for plates from all 50 states as you travel. The first person to see the state plate checks it off on their list (which can be stored on a phone or with pen and paper). Whoever has the most plates at the end of the trip, or if someone shockingly gets all 50, wins! Just be sure to write down the license number so you know there isn’t any duplicate dibs.

Note: Another variation of this game involves finding funny or clever customized plates. Who knows… you may even find inspiration for your car’s plates!

2. The Singing Game

This is great for music lovers! If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect and you’re familiar with the riff-off scene, this game is very similar to that. One person starts singing a song and when another person can connect a new song using the same word, they start singing. Things can get even more intense if you choose a theme, just like in the movie!

3. The Grocery Game

This is a fun memory game that will have everyone on the edge of their seats. The first person starts out by saying, “My father owns a grocery store that sells… (something that starts with the letter “A”).” The next person repeats the phrase stating the item starting with “A” and adding an item starting with “B.” The game continues to each player, with everyone saying all of the lettered grocery items. Players who forget items are out and the winner is the person who can remember the most!

4. The Movie Game

Why limit yourself to just one actor when you can connect an endless number of stars and their films? This game has a similar premise as “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” but extends to whoever you can think of when it comes to famous actors and actresses. The game starts with an actor or actress and the first person takes their turn naming a movie they were in. The next person states a different person who was in that film. Then, the next person playing states a different movie that person was in. For example, if the game started with Diane Keaton, the first player could say Book Club. The next player could then say “Andy Garcia.”

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5. Team Storytelling

One person in the car starts the first line of a story. Then, each person adds their own line to the story, which can make things get intense, weird, sad, or unbelievably silly. If you want to be sure the plot keeps moving along and no one gets bored, have a random player add an action that completely changes the direction of the story. Or maybe introduce a new character or setting! The best part about this game is that everyone (except the driver) can draw their version of the story and can share what they’ve drawn at the next rest stop.