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Maserati Celebrates Production of 100,000th Ghibli Sports Sedan

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100000th Maserati Ghibli
Photo: Maserati

Maserati recently celebrated the production of its 100,000th Ghibli sports sedan at the Avvocato Giovanni Agnelli Plant in Grugliasco, Italy, where both the Ghibli and the Quattroporte flagship car are built.

The 100,000th model in question was a Ghibli S Q4 in GranSport trim, dressed in Blu Emozione paint and with a black, natural full-grain Pieno Fiore leather interior. For Maserati, this milestone was an important one, as the Ghibli has been one of its most popular models since its 2013 launch at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Powered by a twin-turbo V6 engine with power ranging from 350 to 430 hp — or a 275-hp turbodiesel V6, the first diesel in a Maserati at the time the car was first revealed — the Ghibli can attain a top speed of 178 mph and an accelerates from 0-62 mph in just 4.7 seconds.

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Since its launch, the Ghibli has been sold in the United States, China, Italy, Japan, and Germany, and the car has repeatedly received important upgrades. Two new trims were introduced in 2017, the GranLusso and GranSport, along with new driving assistance systems. A year later, the Ghibli was presented with a significant interior makeover at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

 “Every single Ghibli that comes off the production line at the Grugliasco plant is meticulously inspected to guarantee impeccable quality throughout the production process, from ‘Body-in-White’ to painting, and from assembly to dynamometer, water and electronics testing,” Maserati said in a press release.

Each of the 100,000 Ghiblis that were produced in Grugliasco were also tested for about 40 kilometers, or 25 miles, by a professional test driver before leaving the production plant for shipment to customers.

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