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Mazda Reports Rising November Sales and Production Numbers

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Overall, Mazda enjoyed a good November, with increases both in production and sales.

On the production side of things, Mazda across the board decreased its commercial vehicle production, producing a mere 3,359 commercial units, a 32% drop over last year. On the other hand, passenger vehicle production soared to 152,152 units, up 14.7% over last November. Most of this production increase was due to overseas production, led by key models such as the Mazda2, Mazda3, and CX-4, which made up 26,478 units, 7,835 units, and 6,982 units, respectively.

On the sales side, though, both domestic and exported sales grew.

In Japan, Mazda’s sales totaled 16,228 units, a 1.3% increase over last year, due to sales gains in both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Again, key models included the Mazda2 and Mazda3, but the CX-4 was replaced on the list by its smaller brother, the CX-3. These sold 5,037 units, 2,296 units, and 2,098 units, respectively, all of which were year-over-year increases.

The Zoom Zoom brand’s exports grew a whole 9.2% over last year, with a total of 76,224 sales. This increase was led by sales to North America, which took 30,016 vehicles, a 28.4% increase over last November. Following right behind is Europe with 18,999 vehicles, which is an increase of 17%. Fortunately, these two markets’ growth was enough to offset falling sales in Oceania and other markets, which saw losses of 30.7% and 0.1%, respectively.

The key exported cars will be models that are familiar to driver in the US, led by the CX-5 at 28,328 units (a 17.3% increase year-over-year), followed by the Mazda3 with 16,754 sales (actually down 13.2% year-over-year) and the Mazda6 with 12,837 sales (up 19% year-over-year).