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Mitsubishi Makes a Commercial Version of the Shogun Sport for the United Kingdom

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Mitsubishi Shogun Sport
The Shogun Sport is receiving a commercial makeover
Photo: Mitsubishi

SUVs are currently the most popular class of vehicles. As such, it shouldn’t be surprising to see manufacturers carry over design cues from their utility models while working on other segments.

Recently, Mitsubishi created a commercial version of its Shogun Sport model.

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The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport is one of the brand’s SUV models. While it isn’t available in the U.S., it is in other markets, such as the United Kingdom.

The Shogun Sport seats up to seven passengers. It also borrows many aspects from the Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck.

The Shogun Sport is so popular that Mitsubishi decided to develop a commercial version of the vehicle.  Instead of seating seven, this vehicle, named the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Commercial, switches out five of those seats for 1.9-meter load bay space. The Shogun Sport Commercial’s total capacity comes in at 1,488 liters, or 52.5 cubic feet.

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The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Commercial doesn’t hold back in terms of power, either. It comes with a 2.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine, which can produce up to 178 horsepower. It also has a recorded top speed of 112 mph and can accelerate to 62 mph in 11 seconds.

All of the Shogun Sport’s best features also come packaged with the Shogun Sport Commercial model. This includes a touch screen multimedia system, as well as available heated leather seats.

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Commercial also commands a similar price to the standard Shogun Sport model, with a starting pricetag of £32,504 ($43,133). Drivers looking for a commercial model that doesn’t sacrifice contemporary SUV style now have a model that they can consider from Mitsubishi, as long as they call the United Kingdom home.

News Source: Motor1