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Navigating the US: Getting Around in Los Angeles, California

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Getting Around in Los Angeles (1)

Los Angles, the City of Angels, people either love it, or they hate it. A huge bustling metropolis, Los Angeles is made up of many communities, unique neighborhoods, and extreme diversity. From Hollywood glitz and glamour to small culturally diverse neighborhoods, Los Angeles provides a different experience for everyone who steps foot in its boundaries. To learn the best ways for getting around in Los Angeles, read on!

Recommended Modes of Transportation

Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult to recommend any kind of transportation in L.A. Notorious for massive traffic jams on its major highways and a less-than-stellar public transportation, L.A. leaves much to be desired when it comes to getting from point A to point B.

Traffic is just part of what makes L.A., L.A. so if you visit the city, you might just have to embrace the traffic for what it is. We recommend making plans travelling outside of rush hour, particularly on major highways if possible. Be sure to be on the lookout for aggressive drivers and high-speed police chases, unfortunately it’s just part of the territory.

If you choose to use public transportation, be prepared for long waits or walks between buses and metros. Check out the L.A. Public Transit site to plan your trip.

Major Highways and Roadways to Know

I-10, I-405, I-110, I-5, and US 101 are the major highways through the city, and are the most likely to get clogged up with traffic – any time, day or night. Your best bet is to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Give yourself extra time and use apps like Waze or old-fashioned radio to stay aware of traffic conditions.

Alternative Ways of Seeing the City

There are a number of companies offering walking and bus tours of all kinds. Get a tour of Downtown Hollywood, see where the stars live, or get a grand tour of L.A. StarLine Tours is one popular tour company.

Also available is a Hop-On Hop-Off bus, allowing you to explore popular tourist attractions around the city at your own leisure, getting off the bus when and where you want to, and getting back on when you want to. The bus’s run all day, allowing you create your own schedule. Choose from a one-day or multiple-day pass to get the most from your experience.

Best Places to Park

Parking is generally not an issue, and all major attractions provide parking lots or garages, but you should be prepared to pay. You’re looking at anything from $5 – $12 per hour in downtown Hollywood. Check out to find parking and rates.

Airports and Car Rentals

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the major airport serving L.A. The massive airport could probably be self-sustaining – you’ll find everything you need and don’t need in the walls of this airport. A massive international transit point, LAX offers a melting pot of international travelers making their way all over the world.

LAX offers a variety of car rentals, and due to the year-around bustle, we recommend reserving your car in advance.

Getting Around in Los Angeles

Hotels and Attractions

Some of the most popular attractions in L.A. include:

It’s impossible to list everything there is to do in L.A. here, so check out the links below for more information on L.A., hotel recommendations, and comprehensive lists of attractions!

Are there any tips or tricks you’d like to add? Leave them in the comment section!