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Neil Young Confirms 2016 Lincoln Continental, Hey Hey, My My

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Neil Young Confirms 2016 Lincoln Continental

Neil Young Confirms 2016 Lincoln Continental (Maybe)

Neil Young is arguably one of the best singer/songwriters of the 20th century, and it turns out that he might also be really bad at keeping secrets. A well-documented Lincoln enthusiast, Young was on CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer this week to plug Pono, a pretty neat music sharing and storage service that has a portable player hitting the market early next year, as well as his latest book, “Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life & Cars.”

Things took an interesting turn when a clearly geeked Cramer asks Young if there were plans for in-vehicle integration for Pono. Young responds by saying that they are indeed working with Harman to bring Pono to the 2016 Lincoln Continental.

Yep. A 2016 Lincoln Continental. You heard Neil Young, folks.

There would seem to be at least a nugget of truth in here. Earlier this month, Lincoln announced that it had signed a 10-year deal with Harman to make their Revel Audio Systems exclusive to the brand’s vehicles, so Young would be on the money in linking the two.

So does Neil know something we don’t about the 2016 Lincoln Continental? Lincoln is, after all, in the midst of bringing four new models to market by 2016—starting with the MKZ in 2013, the MKC this year, an all-new MKX next year, and an as-yet unknown model in 2016.

It is also possible that Neil was referring to a model that acts in many ways as the natural successor to the Continental, calling it the 2016 Lincoln Continental in a moment not terribly unfamiliar to anyone who owns a PS4 and has ever had a grandparent ask what game they want for their Nintendo.

The Continental name is among the most memorable in Lincoln’s storied history, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the vehicle in question will be called the Continental, even if it is somewhat Continental-inspired.

Maybe as a nod to one of its biggest fans, Lincoln will just call it the 2016 Lincoln MKCSNY.

VIDEO: Neil Young Confirms 2016 Lincoln Continental?