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Nissan Celebrates Black History Month with Tomorrow to Today Series

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Tomorrow To TodayA part of Nissan’s recent partnership with Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time and director Ava DuVernay, the auto brand committed itself to a series of videos to commemorate Black History Month. Called the Tomorrow to Today series, the videos are rolling out now and are set to feature African American mentors and leaders in their industries to inspire original creators everywhere.

The first video was released on February 22nd and features Kimberly Bryant, the founder CEO of Black Girls Code. In the clips, Bryant talks about the importance of technology in practically every field of work and how essential it is that students today understand how code works. She also discusses how her non-profit organization, like the Nissan videos, is looking to show young people, particularly girls of color in this case, that there are people like them in the tech industry and gives them the platform to discuss their work. From there, the little coders take that inspiration and learn how to take code and test it to impact on their daily lives.

Storm Reid, who plays protagonist Meg Murry in A Wrinkle in Time, was chosen for the second video. She discusses her experience working with director Ava DuVernay and global powerhouse Oprah Winfrey in the film, as well as how important she thinks technology is for the future.

The third video of the series was just uploaded today and it features Executive Vice President of Production for the Walt Disney Studios Tendo Nagenda. As his title implies, he has a very big part to play in what movies are made by Walt Disney, from finding ideas to hiring the producers, directors, and writers to create the movies that bring the vision to life. He believes that technology not only pushes people to tell more creative stories but also gives audiences new ways to experiences the tales that Disney wants to tell. Nagenda also uses his experiences as a child of immigrants and a person of color to make him focused on why he does his job and his goals.

According the series preview video, there should be one more videos added to the series before the end of Black History Month featuring A Wrinkle in Time’s Supervising Location Manager Alison Taylor. To see her video when it goes live, check Nissan USA’s YouTube page.