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No Zombies in Pennsylvania, Despite Misleading Road Sign

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Drivers in Pennsylvania witnessed a hijacked road sign along East Market Street yesterday that confused a lot of people. “ZOMBIES AHEAD!! RUN!!!” The sign also displayed another, more inappropriate message, as well, which news sources tastefully refrained from mentioning.

Springettsbury Township Police confirmed that someone had hacked the sign, viewing it as just a lighthearted prank. “We hope there was not public alarm today as there were no reports of Zombies anywhere in Springettsbury Township,” the police stated via Facebook.

Since the road sign also displayed an obscene message, some residents were understandably disgruntled. Alexis Matthews, a mom residing in  Springettsbury Apartments, expressed concern over younger children who might’ve seen the sign. “I have a kid. Luckily, she can’t read.” She also articulated that a lot of the residents in the neighborhood were seniors who likely didn’t appreciate the unseasonable message, either.

The Driving Dead

Another resident of the same apartment complex, Wendell Parker, thought the message was a typo, and it gave him a laugh. “There was a lot of traffic out there,” he commented. Many drivers got out of their cars for a photo op, and other drivers contributed to the “gaper traffic.”

Whoever it was that hacked the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation sign on East Market Street definitely added a bit interest to local drivers’ drive home. If they alter the messages on future road signs, they might want to stick to zombies, though—especially if the neighborhood the sign is placed in has a lot of children and senior residents, like Springettsbury Township.

News Source: USA Today