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Photographer Travels the World via Google Street View

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Under the pseudonym Agoraphobic Traveller, Jacqui Kennedy explores the world, posting photos of natural beauties around the world—via Google Street View.

Kennedy has a strong desire to travel the world. However, her anxiety disorder impacts her ability to do so. Kennedy has agoraphobia, making it extremely difficult for her to even leave her home. Instead, Kennedy has taken to Google Street View, exploring the world for free from the comfort of her own home. “It’s kind of amazing how spending a lot of time at home on this project has really opened my world,” says Kennedy.

Throughout her explorations, Kennedy takes snapshots of her favorite sights and posts them to her Instagram (@streetview.portraits). With nearly 38,000 followers on Instagram, a platform she took on in 2016, her popularity is only growing.

Google Street View Scene – Camels getting out of the way of the Google car in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. . . . . #paperjournalmag #streets_oftheworld #subjectivelyobjective #burnmagazine #somewheremagazine #oystermagazine #noicemag #onbooooooom #ifyouleave #lensculture #foamagazine #uae #camels #agoraphobia #anxiety #middleeast #composition #desert #streetphotography #desertlife #agoraphobictraveller

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Kennedy describes Google Street View as magical; “It feels like a parallel universe,” she says. “Frozen in time. There are billions of images that are yet to be explored.”

However, Kennedy did not begin this project with the intention of its popularity. She saw the opportunity as a creative outlet, a fun way to express herself and a hobby she had come to love. “I wasn’t really ready to go back into the world,” explains Kennedy, referring to the downfall of her previous company. “So I thought, I needed a creative project, so that I can still be doing something creative and keep myself focused.”

Her Instagram is decorated with images, primarily from the desert parts of the world. Her feed has a muted, neutral aesthetic that captures the essence of these dry, desert areas; Kennedy also notes that she enjoys the dusty effect the Google Street View car creates in the desert environments. “I realized pretty quickly that I really liked those kinds of extreme environments,” she notes. “That might be connected to the fact that due to my agoraphobia, these are places that I would never go in real life.”

Google Street View Scene – I’m doing something a bit different over the next few days. I’m putting up some of my old favourite images but also adding the link to the coordinates, so you can check them out on Google Maps yourself. Here’s my favourite image from the Atacama Region in Chile . . . . . #chile #paperjournalmag #streets_oftheworld #subjectivelyobjective #burnmagazine #somewheremagazine #oystermagazine #noicemag #onbooooooom #ifyouleave #lensculture #foamagazine #atacama #desert #kidsofinstagram #bike #desertlife #sunshine #composition #bluesky #colourful

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This project has given Kennedy a new sense of purpose and strength. She has derived a passion for her project; “I feel quite a connection now to some of these places that I immerse myself in. When I get a town I really, really love, I’ll spend quite a lot of time there.”

When asked if she would consider traveling to any of her favorite places, Kennedy was hesitant, but optimistic. “I think I would go to these places if there was a reason to go,” Kennedy says. “It would be very, very hard for me to do it […] but for something like [an exhibition], I would.”

You can explore Google Street View yourself here.

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News Source: CNN Travel