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How to Plasti Dip Your Car

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how to Plasti Dip Your Car

Learn how to plasti dip your car in 8 easy steps!

Plasti dip is a product that is easily applied and temporarily protects elements of your car. Using colored plasti dip will change the look of your car. Some people use black to color their emblems and rims, or a different color to change the color of the car temporarily.  Plasti dip can be used on pretty much any surface of your car, and the plastic coating simply peels off when you no longer want it, leaving no harm to the vehicle.

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This simple step-by-step process will walk you through how to plasti dip your car.

1.       Find a well-ventilated area. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight – an open garage would be best, but a well-shaded area would work too. A mask and eye protection are also recommended, regardless of where you spray your car.

2.       Wash and dry your car’s surface. Make sure to thoroughly wash any surfaces you plan to apply the plasti dip, but you might as well do the whole thing while you’re at it, right? Then make sure the surface is completely dry—this is a must!

3.       Prepare the car. Use painters tape and newspapers to cover any areas you don’t want sprayed. Even if you plan to dip your whole car, you’ll want to at least cover the windows. Don’t panic if you end up spraying something you didn’t mean to—it’s incredibly easy to peel off.

4.       Follow the instructions on your can of plasti dip. Make sure to shake vigorously for at least one minute before spraying.

5.       Spray in sections. Start wherever you like, spray that section (ex. the hood), and then while that begins to dry, spray the next section. Do this until the entire car is finished, and be sure to not touch the drying plasti dip! Note that the first layer should be a light dusting. Hold the can six to eight inches away sweeping from side to side as you spray each section. The plasti dip should dry for 15 to 30 minutes before applying additional layers.

6.       More layers means more durability. Spray additional layers using the same method as before, but these should be light layers that fully coat the area. Four to five total layers is average, and make sure you allow the appropriate drying time between each layer.

7.       Allow the plasti dip to fully cure. Once all layers of plasti dip have been applied, allow four hours for the dip to cure. Until then, make sure nothing comes in contact with the car (rain, dirt, hands, etc.) or it may ruin the finish.

8.       Plasti dip your rims. The best way to do this is to remove the rims from the tires, and then apply using the same method as the rest of your car.

When applied correctly, plasti dip can last as long as three years without having to be retouched, making this process well worth it.

You can also learn how to remove plasti dip if you decide you no longer want it.

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