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Prius Plug-In Wireless Charging Coming in 2016

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Prius Plug-In wireless charging

Prius Plug-In wireless charging coming in 2016 (current model shown)

There are many benefits to owning a Prius Plug-In, like saving money on gas and being kinder to the environment. One possible drawback, though, could be the necessity to physically plus your car in overnight or whenever you’re not using it in order to recharge the battery. Although this could be considered a first-world problem, it can get annoying to have wires dragging everywhere, just waiting for you to trip over them. But come 2016, your life should be infinitely easier, thanks to the introduction of Prius Plug-In wireless charging.

Previously, Toyota announced that it was testing wireless charging technology from WiTriCity on the Prius Plug-In, and it would appear that this testing was successful. The Massachusetts-based company borrows MIT-developed technology that uses a charging pad to deliver power to the vehicle without the use of wires. Unlike other wireless charging systems, WiTriCity’s doesn’t require the car and charging pad to be precisely aligned in order to charge, which eliminates the driver needing to reposition the car until it’s in the exact location.

Today, the wireless charging technology is good for up to 3.3 kw, but it’s expected to be up to 6.6 kw by the time the next-generation Prius Plus-In is released in 2016. The vehicle is expected to be jam-packed with high-tech features, and wireless charging could just be one part of this. We will update you with anything new we learn about Prius Plug-In wireless charging, so stay tuned to The News Wheel!