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Reasons Why You Should Read Your Car’s Owner’s Manual

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The last thing you want to do when you buy a new car is sit at home and bury your nose in the owner’s manual. Who wouldn’t rather be driving around the neighborhood, showing off their new set of wheels?

Very few drivers ever take the time to read their car’s owner’s manual, even if they plan on babying the vehicle for years to come. You’re never going to get the most out of your car if you don’t know its preferences and systems. Here’s why you should read your car’s owner’s manual ASAP.

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If you haven’t read your car’s owner’s manual, you’re missing out!

Increased value: Get more satisfaction and bang for your buck out of your vehicle without having to pay any extra money. It’s a free, easy way to get increased value from the product you already paid for.

Discover new features: You bought a newer car yet you still act like it’s identical to your previous one. You’re driving a newer, advanced model now with new features — don’t rely on your outdated understanding of your last model. Find out what cool stuff this car can do!

Increased safety: Half of the owner’s manual is safety warnings, and chances are that you’re violating a couple warnings without realizing it. Be a safer driver, both for your own good and those around you.

Refresher on driving rules: The owner’s manual doesn’t only cover the vehicle’s features. It also outlines the most important operation and driving laws to ensure your safety. You may have forgotten some of these rules, so a reminder never hurts.

Boost the car’s longevity: Properly operating and maintaining your vehicle helps it run better for a longer time. Make sure you’re not unknowingly damaging your vehicle by reading the manual. Plus, maintaining its condition will boost resale value.

Personalize your experience: The owner’s manual explains how you can change the car’s various systems from their factory defaults. Now

Free literature: If you were told that your next car came with a free book, you’d geek out. Well, it does: the owner’s manual! The next time you reach for a book to read, make it an informative one.

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