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Reminder: Don’t Tell Police to ‘Say Please’

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Police have a difficult job. They often have to deal with people who are uncooperative, who are in the wrong, and who are, very mildly put, not happy. So, it is to your benefit and to the benefit of any police officer you encounter to not do what Ricky Bailey of Swindon, England, did.

Bailey was in his car – a Vauxhall Zafira, which is a small family car. Unfortunately, the 33-year-old had parked his mini-minivan in what Metro calls a “zig-zagged area,” or in other words, the lead-up to a pedestrian crossing.

Police Constable Thomas Carver noticed this, and asked Bailey to move his car. Carver described what happened next: “I asked him to move his vehicle further down the road. He said no and asked that I say please first. I then said if you do not move your vehicle, we will have to give you a ticket. I walked back to the car as it had not moved and he said ‘say please’.”

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“Now, officer, did someone here forget how to use their inside voice?”
Photo: Versageek

Apparently Bailey also swore at Carver, locked the car doors, and refused to move. So, true to his word, Carver gave Bailey a ticket, and was later ordered by a Swindon court to pay £840 (about $1,200 US).

News Source: Metro