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Forget SEMA Mods—This Farmer Turned His Car into a Sheepdog

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Car into a Sheepdog final product in motion

One man’s beloved pooch has become immortalized with an automotive soul
Photo: Rex Features via YouTube

The loss of a beloved pet can be a devastating tragedy for any family, and many wish they could keep the legacy of their pet alive in a fitting, meaningful way.

Essentially, that’s what one farmer in the UK did for his cherished sheepdog, Floss. The black-and-white pooch had become a beloved member of Dave Issac’s family, until one sad day Floss went to herd sheep in heaven. “I have three kids and we loved her and as a family we all missed her terribly,” Dave confessed.

Then, Mr. Issac had an idea. With an armful of cash (£2,000, or about $3,170), fur (presumably fake), and love, the man immortalized Floss by converting his car into a sheepdog (or, converting his sheepdog into a car).

You can see a video of the car in action below.

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With a Lot of Love and Fur, One Man Turned His Car into a Sheepdog

It’s true: while some people prefer photographs or taxidermy, one man knew the most fitting tribute was making his car into a sheepdog. “I got together with a friend and we built Floss the sheep dog car in my barn, copying as closely as I could every last detail of my old dog.” The dedication is apparent in photos, from the timber frame of the head to the furry spots on the legs.

After turning his car into a sheepdog, Dave Issac successfully used the Peugeot to herd sheep on his 180 acre farm. Being simple-minded sheep, the method actually worked! “We even had a charity day on the farm and the car was a big hit,” reminisced Dave.

The story only becomes more bitter-sweet, as Dave has reluctantly decided to sell the car.

Now that it’s too big for his barn and the farm is too busy to maintain it, the labor of love will be sold on eBay. “It’s been a lot of fun and she handles well, is obedient and nice and docile and surprisingly aerodynamic,” promised Dave. Hoping the vehicle will continue to bring joy to others through festivals or a pet charity, he mused, “As long as she goes to a good home I’ll be happy.”

Admittedly, we aren’t the first ones to draw this parallel, but it’s so obvious that we can’t ignore it. We’ve all seen a car that looks a lot like Floss: the Mutt Cutts mobile from 1994’s Dumb and Dumber (which will be returning in Dumb and Dumber To this month).

Dumb and Dumber Car

Ruff Ruff, it’s the Mutt Cutts mobile!
Photo: New Line Cinemas

If your initial reaction was that this guy who turned a car into a sheepdog is a bit kooky, don’t judge too quickly. “I know it was a bit of a mad thing to do,” admitted Dave Issac, “but it was a tribute to my old sheep dog Floss who passed away.”

Just consider the following:

  1. You can’t deny the joy and pride beaming from Dave’s face in these thoughtful, high-qualities photos here.
  2. Dumb and Dumber is an excellent inspiration for anyone wanting more smiles.

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