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Six-Door Jeep Wranglers are the Answer to Your Limo Dreams

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JKUS Jeep Wrangler Limo

The JKUS is a Jeep Wrangler limo that offers the best of both worlds
Photo: Forgiato, via Facebook

If you want to make a grand entrance to an event, whether it is prom or a charity gala, then it’s likely you should roll up in a limo. But what if that limo was a Jeep Wrangler?

That’s where the JKUS comes in. The JKUS is a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited turned stretch limo. With candy blue wheels, four rows of seats, and six doors, this Jeep is the answer to all your party transportation prayers—and it’s located in Las Vegas.

The specially stretched Jeep looks almost exactly like any other Jeep Wrangler, besides the fact that it has a total of four rows of seats. Three of the four rows are bench seats, which stay true to the Wrangler’s typical style.

Swat Motorsport of Las Vegas doesn’t own the only stretch Wrangler in existence (there is a god). When Auto Evolution found this Jeep limo, they decided to Google it for more photos—only to find another one in Texas.

Looks like everything is bigger—or should we say longer?—in Texas after all.

Texan Jeep Wrangler Limo

This Texas-based Wrangler limo has just the right amount of ruggedness
Photo: JK-Forum

The Texan stretch Jeep takes the idea of a Jeep limo even farther with a HEMI engine and tubes instead of doors. If there was ever a limousine that was purely Jeep, this would be it. It does only have three rows of seats compared to Swat Motorsports’ model’s four, but hey—we’re not going to complain as long as we can ride in it.

Despite the fact that this Jeep limo wouldn’t survive on a rugged off-road course—that body is waaaay too long—the builder still kept with Jeep tradition and added a bunch of features that are sure to leave any Jeep lover impressed. This includes ACE Rock Sliders, Nitto Mud Grapplers, TeraFlex sleeves and gussets, and more.

So, the next time you find yourself out on the town in Las Vegas or Texas, make sure you remember to make a Jeep limo your top form of transportation.

News Source: Auto Evolution