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Soccer Fans Rejoice Over Special Edition GO! Hyundai Models

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Hyundai i10 i20 i30 GO! special edition car models soccer football

Lovers of soccer (or “football,” if you prefer) are passionate and enthusiastic about their sport. All around the world, stadiums are packed with die-hard fans parading their team spirit in as many ways as they can. For European devotees of the sport, Hyundai has a special reward for the fans’ loyalty.

As Hyundai is the sponsor of the UEFA EURO championships, the Korean automaker has revealed an exclusive line of trim variants on its compact models.

Three GO! special edition cars are being highlighted at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in France–a fitting venue as these special i10, i20, and i30 variants are commemorating the UEFA European 2016 Championship in France this summer. The models on display even parade the colors of the French flag: blue (i20), white (i30), and red (i10).

Inside, the Hyundai GO! Special Editions have even more team spirit. White and blue accent touches in the cabin, combined with alloy wheels and privacy glass make these models even more appealing.

  • The i10 has blue stitching on the steering wheel, seats, and gearshift, plus a gloss-black coat on the center console.
  • The i20 has blue surrounds on the air vents and gearshift knob, with black touches on the dashboard and white-blue accents in the cabin.
  • The i30 has the most unique additions, with its polished front grille, 17-inch alloy wheels, gunmetal finish on the center console, steering wheel, and doors. It even has metallic front-door scuff plates.

Unfortunately, soccer fans in the United States aren’t being offered the GO! Hyundai models, as the i10, i20, and i30 are not available in the American auto market. But, we in North America can still share the brand’s excitement for EURO 2016 and cheer on our favorite teams.