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Subaru Teases New Forester Wilderness Model Coming Sept. 2

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Close up of the Subaru Wilderness badge on an unknown blue Subaru model
Photo: Subaru

Earlier this month, Subaru announced the shortest press release possible — with some big news inside. The automaker will be unveiling a brand-new model in its Wilderness family on Sept. 2, joining the Outback Wilderness that made its debut in March.

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“Subaru of America recently unveiled the 2022 Outback Wilderness. As it turns out, it isn’t the only one of its kind. Now there’s another Wilderness model coming, extensively upgraded and retuned for rugged adventure. Stay tuned to for updates.”

That snippet and a single image are all that were included in the Aug. 3 release. However, on the Subaru website, a photo of a rugged grille and a 46-second video (released last week) accompanied some additional text about the new Wilderness model. Per Subaru, this new member of the family will feature “increased ground clearance, upgraded off-road capability, and more rugged style.” I’m guessing the new model will get off-roading features similar to the Outback, like all-terrain tires and exclusive skid plates, among others.

After watching the video, it’s safe to assume that we can likely expect to see a Subaru Forester Wilderness model next Thursday. Why? It all comes down to the small details. My wife drives a Forester, so I’ve come to notice small quirks and very unique design choices on the SUV. Similar to the Outback Wilderness, this new model features a special badge on its front door area below the side mirror that mimics the Forester. Another shot shows a boxier back end, matching more of the Forester’s style rather than another viable option: the Crosstrek.

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While Subaru hasn’t confirmed (or denied) this rumor, we’ll know for sure what’s to come on Sept. 2 when the new Wilderness model is revealed.