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Talking Ford EcoSport Prank: Why Are Aussies So Trusting?

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Talking Ford EcoSport

A talking Ford EcoSport got Australians to get in the car and call up their favorite comedians.

Technology has given us nearly everything that old sci-fi has promised us (except, probably, shrinking rays, Star Trek-style transporters, and hoverboards). While we may not necessarily be right around the corner from a real-life Knight Industries Two Thousand, we have in some ways invented cars that can speak. From vehicles that speak to one another in order to help reduce accidents to the integration of Siri Eyes Free, cars are becoming more and more verbose by the year. No car is more chatty, however, than the talking Ford EcoSport that appeared in a YouTube video prank posted by Ford Australia.

The EcoSport, voiced by comedian and impressionist, Anil Desai, flags down passersby who seem curiously unfazed by being spoken to by a compact crossover. With very little questioning, they each climb inside the EcoSport and are instructed to make a Sync call to celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, and Jeff Goldblum.

Talking Ford EcoSport

Any excuse to brighten up your day. You are welcome.

There are some funny interactions to be had here, up to and including a not-particularly-impressive dolphin impression and implications of human/automobile relationships. While we’re not entirely sure how we’d react if we ran across a car that tried to talk to us, we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t just hop inside and make a call to a celebrity. That just seems like bad form.
If technology allowed your car to speak its mind, what do you think it would say?

Talking Ford EcoSport

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