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The 2013 Nissan Cube Stays Inside the Box

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2013 Nissan Cube

2013 Nissan Cube

The styling of the Nissan Cube is polarizing.  Some hate it, others love it, but it’s often you find someone in between.  Nissan likes having this kind of conversation-starter in its lineup, so it’s understandable that the exterior design that has been the cause of so many heated debates remained largely unchanged for the 2013 model year.

We call it sticking with what works, but Nissan phrased it a little more colorfully in their press kit for the 2013 Nissan Cube.

“The innovative Nissan Cube® continues in 2013 to offer a unique style and flexibility that stands out in class – maintaining its special place in the automotive world. Its unmistakable “box style” again offers an asymmetrical rear window, refrigerator-style rear door, space for five in its lounge-like interior and more than 40 accessories to help buyers customize cube to their precise tastes and needs.”

You will find something a little different on the outside of the 2013 Nissan Cube; a PUREDRIVE™ badge that indicates unique vehicle’s added fuel and emissions efficiency.  The Japanese automaker has also added an additional exterior color option in the form of Sapphire Slate.

So what side of the spectrum do you fall on? Do you love or hate the Nissan Cube?