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The 6 Best Pride-Themed Vehicles From Automakers Around the World

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BMW LGBTQ Driven By Pride Rainbow M8
Photo: BMW

It’s almost Pride Month in the U.S.! To celebrate here on The News Wheel, I’ve compiled some of the coolest LGBTQ-themed vehicles from automakers across the globe. Some of the brands even went beyond rainbow capitalism to help the community.

6. FIAT 500X (2015)

2015 Fiat 500X Pride Wrap
Photo: Stellantis

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), now known as Stellantis, was ahead of many other automakers when it came to showcasing its support of the queer community. In 2015, the brand debuted a Fiat 500X with a rainbow stripe that extended from its grille to the back of the vehicle. The sides also featured rainbow stripes with #FIATPRIDE written above it. Fiat was the key sponsor for Motor City Pride in Detroit that year and was the Lead Sponsor for the Motor City Pride Parade in 2017, bringing a similarly styled red Fiat Spider with rainbow stripes.

5. Ford Bronco (2022)

Ford Pride Bronco
Photo: Ford

In 2021, Ford of Europe responded to some homophobic criticism of its Raptor truck by creating the Very Gay Raptor, emblazoned in sparkling gold and a rainbow. While that was a great response to an online troll, I preferred the vehicle that made an appearance the following year. The Pride-themed Ford Bronco in 2022, referred to as the “American cousin” of the Very Gay Raptor, was introduced by Ford Pride members. It featured a similar style as the Raptor, with sparkly gold paint and a sweeping rainbow stretching from its hood to the rear wheel arches.

4. Holden Colorado (2017)

Holden Colorado rainbow livery
Photo: Holden

The brand Holden, which sold vehicles down under in Australia, was named the 2017 Official Mardi Car for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. It wasn’t a surprise that the automaker was included in the festivities, as it was the first auto company to publicly support marriage equality in Australia. To celebrate, Holden brought a rainbow-blocked Colorado truck to the parade. On its side, the message was simple: “Holden. Supporting equality.”

3. BMW 850i (2020)

BMW LGBTQ Driven By Pride Rainbow M8
Photo: BMW

BMW has collaborated with artists a few times to deliver Pride-themed vehicles to New York City Pride quite a few times. But my favorite was the “Driven By Pride” collection of BMW M convertibles that debuted during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of Paris Hilton, the BMW 850i was introduced with a simple rainbow color block design featuring the BMW logo in white and blue on the hood. In the back, “Drive By Pride” was written just above the rear badge. In addition to being a part of the NYC Pride Parade, BMW was also the exclusive automotive partner of the Trevor Project’s “Pride Everywhere” campaign.

2. Volkswagen ID.3 (2021)

Volkswagen PRID.3 Pride Vehicle
Photo: Volkswagen Europe

Across the pond in 2021, Volkswagen was named a sponsor of the first-ever Milton Keynes Pride Festival in England. The automaker created a Community Tent and Sensory Area for the celebrations, giving guests areas where they can relax and be themselves. VW also brought along a stylishly designed ID.3 model made specifically for the festival. Aptly named PRID.3, the small car (which isn’t sold in the U.S.), featured the colors of the Progress Pride flag in a cool pattern that was inspired by the camouflage used on ID.3 prototypes.

1. Mercedes-Benz G-Class (2021)

2021 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Pride Rainbow
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

I’m a big fan of subtlety, so the bright rainbow look isn’t always my go-to. In 2021, Mercedes-Benz debuted a beautiful G-Class SUV with a chrome rainbow gradient. It started with a pinkish color in the front and blended through all of the colors of the rainbow to get to a greenish yellow at the back. The wheels were all black while the front featured a black grille guard. When posted to Facebook, the automaker included the caption, “Pride in what we build, pride in who we build them for.”