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The Buick Enspire’s Cutting-Edge Automated Parking System

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Buick Enspire EV

The Buick Enspire all-electric concept SUV

Earlier this year, Buick revealed the Enspire concept in Beijing during the Auto China 2018 show. One of the coolest technology perks on this model is the Automatic Parking system.

An innovative automatic technology

Where some automatic parking systems require a human driver behind the wheel, this one is truly autonomous. It also goes beyond GM’s Automatic Park Assist technology, which can automatically take control of the steering in some situations, but still requires a human pilot to man the vehicle.

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The Automatic Parking system enables the vehicle to locate an open parking spot nearby and pull into it. It also has the capacity to drive to the owner as long as they aren’t too far away from the its parked location. Additionally, the technology can also find local charging stations to power up the vehicle’s electric battery.

Per Aaron Brzozowksi, the Buick Enspire’s Automatic Parking is likely to hit production sometime in the near future, as autonomous vehicle technology continues to infiltrate the market. GM has yet to confirm this rumor, but it’s an exciting option to anticipate.

More Enspire features to love

Besides the high-tech parking technology, the Buick Enspire boasts a plethora of other pleasing features. For instance, it can go from zero to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. It also takes just 40 minutes to charge the battery 80 percent, which is on the lower end of the charging-time spectrum compared with other electric models. And, wile some electric vehicles are inhibited by a narrow range, the Enspire isn’t one of them. It can travel 370 miles on one charge.

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News Source: GM Authority