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The Classic Vehicles at Flint’s Buick Automotive Gallery Are En Route to a Temporary Offsite Home

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1910 Buick Bug

This 1910 Buick Bug is part of the Sloan Museum Automotive Collection

Classic car lovers, you may want to hold off on any plans to visit the Buick Automotive Gallery in Flint, Michigan. The vehicles there are being moved to a local mall for temporary display while repairs are made to the building’s roof and walls.

Vehicles on display at the Buick Gallery included a 1949 Buick Roadmaster Riviera, a 1926 Chevrolet Superior K, and horse-drawn carriages. Each one is connected to the automotive history of the Flint area.

The Buick Automotive Gallery is part of the Sloan*Longway museum-planetarium complex near downtown Flint. The Sloan Museum Automotive Collection includes about 100 vehicles. Some of them are permanently displayed at the museum. However, most of the vehicles are on rotating display at the gallery.

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Cathy Gentry, the gallery’s director of business operations, said that moving all those vehicles to their new location at Courtland Center Mall outside Flint will take awhile, so there’s no opening date yet for the temporary display. She wasn’t able to provide a timeline for how long it would take to finish the building repairs and move the vehicles back to the gallery.

Even though the gallery will be closed, its Perry Archives research collection in the same building will stay open by appointment. The Perry Archives house a wealth of information and resources related to Buick and Flint-area history.

When the newly repaired Buick Automotive Gallery reopens, hours are Friday and Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from noon to 5pm.

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