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The Time-Traveling DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’ Wins Best Car Cameo at the Oscars

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Seth Rogen Michael J. Fox DeLorean Oscars

Arriving in style: Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox step out of the iconic DeLorean to present at the 89th Academy Awards

While everyone is still in shock over the biggest blunder in the history of award show mix-ups, I’m over here fangirling from the presence of an iconic vehicle at the 89th Annual Academy Awards. During this year’s presentation of the Oscars, the young talent of today starred in short clips that recounted the roles of exemplary actors that inspired them.

Charlize Theron gushed about Shirley MacLaine in The Apartment and the duo went on to present the award for Best Foreign Language Film. While I was loving every moment of that (I mean, who doesn’t love Ouiser in Steel Magnolias?!), I was soon even more excited about the presence of Michael J. Fox and the historic time-traveling DeLorean from the Back to the Future franchise.

Funny man Seth Rogen reminisced about his love for the film before appearing onstage inside the DeLorean with none other than Marty McFly. The two stepped out of the vehicle (not before Rogen hit his head on the door of the car, oops) and made their way to the microphone to present the award for Best Editing. Rogen was in full fanboy mode, even sporting the Nike Air Mag shoes that were mirrored after Marty’s shoes in the film.

Not only did Rogen get to fulfill his Back to the Future dreams while Fox received a standing ovation, the two started to sing a hilarious duet of “The Schuyler Sisters” from the critically acclaimed Broadway show Hamilton. Oscar nominee Lin-Manuel Miranda giggled in delight as the two sang, and Rogen claimed he could die happy from fulfilling his bucket list.

While not all of us can fulfill our dreams of stepping out of the DeLorean with the original Marty McFly, we can still hope for more awesome car cameos at future awards shows. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see a Jurassic Park Jeep on stage at the Grammys next year! Ah, sweet nostalgia.