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Top 5 Weird Car Laws in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin is known for its delicious cheese and easy access to Lakes Michigan and Superior. But the Badger State is also home to numerous weird laws—many involving cheese—that were put into place many years ago. Read on to discover our top 5 weird car laws in the state of Wisconsin.

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trains weird wisconsin car laws

Who has the right of way? No one
Photo: Jeffrey

5. Trains

Okay, so not technically car-related, but since trains have cars we figured it was close enough. Wisconsin has a strange law regarding what to do when two trains meet at an intersection. The law states that neither train shall proceed until the other has. Presumably, that means a lot of waiting around and no one actually ever getting anywhere.


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parked car weird wisconsin laws

Under Hudson law, creepers are forbidden from sitting in your parked car without your consent

4. Parked Car

Want to sit in your friend’s parked car? Well, in the Wisconsin town of Hudson, you may not do so without the expressed consent of the owner. This sounds weird, but it’s actually quite sensible, since you probably wouldn’t want to approach your car to find some random dude sitting behind the wheel waiting for you.


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sleeping in parked car weird wisconsin car laws

Sorry, no camping in your car in Wisconsin

3. Camping

State law prohibits anyone from camping in a wagon on a public highway. Those who dare to break this law face a steep fine of up to $10. Presumably, this law dates back to the days when people traveled by horse and cart, but we can just see a cop passing by someone sleeping in his sedan, but citing a person snoozing in a station wagon.


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car with horse tied to it weird wisconsin milwaukee laws

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2. Parking

Parking in most big cities is a nightmare, but this Milwaukee ordinance makes it even more complicated. The old ordinance forbids parking for over two hours unless a horse is tied to the car. So, if you plan to park in Milwaukee for any length of time, make sure you have a spare horse.


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cows in road weird wisconsin car laws

These dudes have right-of-way in Wisconsin
Photo: Jonathon Hodge

1. Cows

Cows are important in Wisconsin, since they produce the milk used to make those delectable cheese curds. In fact, cows are so important that they actually have the right-of-way on public roads.