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Top 8 Ugliest Trucks in Honor of Ugly Truck Day

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Need a reason to party? has announced that July 20th is (unofficial) Ugly Truck Day! With so many Ugly Truck contests around the country, you have to wonder: what’s with some people’s fascination with ugly trucks? Is it their uniqueness? Maybe they have a weird addiction for eccentric car exteriors and ugly car colors? Whatever the reason, we’ve decided to celebrate this unofficial holiday. From concept vehicles to ones that (somehow) survived the market for a brief stint, we’ve gathered our top 8 ugliest trucks for your visual enjoyment.

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8. Chevrolet SSR

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The Chevrolet SSRThis two-passenger convertible truck appeared from 2003-2006. It might’ve been an okay idea, but when transformed into a tangible car, it definitely looks like a clown-mobile. With unbalanced, clunky proportions, no wonder this truck was so short-lived.

7. 1973 Ford Explorer SUV Concept

1973 Ford Explorer SUV Concept
Photo: Coker Tire

This one looks like a hybrid mix between a submarine and squashed pickup truck. Tack on the sunshade feature that attaches to the bed and you’ve got one wacky looking truck. We’re glad this one stayed a concept and never hit the market.

6. Dodge MAXXcab

Dodge MAXXcab

The manufacturer’s goal for the MAXXcab was for it to be the first Passenger Priority truck in the world. This concept truck just looks like the brainchild of a confused soccer mom who can’t decide between a truck and a minivan.

5. Subaru Brat

Subaru Brat
Photo: Wikipedia

This light duty four-wheel drive coupe utility emerged to match a growing demand for small trucks in America. It’s hard to believe that this creature was on the market from 1978 to 1994, considering its alien appearance. Apparently, even Subaru didn’t know what it was, dubbing it with the casual nickname “Brat” rather than a practical truck model name.

4. 1961-1966 GMC Pickup

1961-1966 GMC Pickup
Photo: Jack Snell

GMC has made some athletic powerhouse trucks over the years, but the 1961-1966 GMC is just not one of the brand’s most attractive ones. With its boxy, board-flat roof and low-riding body that outweighs its disproportionally smaller wheels, this model was a clunky-but-necessary transition step to GMC’s current, more streamlined trucks.

3. 1995 Nissan XIX Concept

1995 Nissan XIX Concept
Photo: Car Styling

An angular jeep fused to an afterthought of a truck bed, the Nissan XIX is another confused hybrid. Apparently, the underbody was based on the Nissan Sentra. There’s a reason the Sentra was designed for the subcompact/compact segment.

2. 2000 Rinspeed Tatooo

2000 Rinspeed Tatooo
Photo: Modest Machines

Advertised as “not your father’s pickup” and “an act of rebellion,” this re-imagined American hot rod mixed with a ’50s pickup was the first vehicle to have internet access. From its imitation snake leather and orange plastic flooring to its hefty, swollen exterior, this retro car looks like something that should’ve stayed within a millennial’s weird, retrospective dream.

1. 2006 Subaru Baja

2006 Subaru Baja

The Baja is yet another squashed pickup truck/part station wagon mashup that can’t decide what it wants to be. Whoever thought this car was a good idea? Then again, maybe it was just another weird 2000s fad that didn’t work out—like shiny cargo pants and silent discos.


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