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Toyota Jan vs. Flo from Progressive: Who is the Ultimate Automotive Spokeswoman?

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Toyota Jan vs. Flo from Progressive

Toyota Jan vs. Flo from Progressive

Lately, there’s been a lot of chit-chat around the interwebs about Toyota Jan, the bubbly receptionist who uses her charm and wit to help Toyota customers find what they are looking for in a series of commercials. The chat started when a couple of commercials appeared featuring Jan looking quite pregnant, and a few months later, a flat-bellied Jan who had obviously had her baby and headed back to work. Toyota Jan is beloved by many, and has proven herself to be a worthy spokeswoman for the Japanese brand in America. But is she the ultimate automotive spokeswoman?

Toyota Jan vs. Flo from Progressive

Pregnant Toyota Jan eating ice cream and peppers, as you do.

Enter Flo from Progressive. She’s as recognizable as Toyota Jan, if not more so, since she has appeared in more than 50 commercials for the auto insurance company, starting back in 2008. While she started as a TV-only personality, Flo quickly moved on to star in other forms of advertising, from radio and print to online ads. She even has her own Facebook page!

Toyota Jan vs. Flo from Progressive

Flo from Progressive, being perky as usual

Both Toyota Jan and Flo from Progressive help make their brands relatable with their bubbly personas and helpful approaches to their customers. But which of the two could be considered the ultimate automotive spokeswoman? We know our choices, but we want to hear from you! Who do you like best: Toyota Jan, or Flo from Progressive? Vote now in the great debate: Toyota Jan vs. Flo from Progressive.