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Uncovered Episode of Southpaw Regional Wrestling Features Vintage Ad for 1979 Ford Country Squire

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Malibu Al's Car Emporium

Ah, 1986; the year when and Rock ‘n’ Wrestling was king. For as much as 1986 was a great time for the sport of professional wrestling (it was, after all, the year in which “Rowdy” Roddy Piper competed against Mr. T in a boxing match at Wrestlemania 2), it was every bit as great a year for the automotive business.

The undisputed king of the year? Station wagons, by and large. Specifically, the 1979 Ford Country Squire, which was inexplicably popular in the South despite it being almost a decade old and just a few short years away from the discontinuation of the Country Squire model altogether. Still, Americans were clamoring to get behind the wheel of this gorgeous Woody, powered by a pair of Windsor V8 engines and capable of comfortably sitting up to eight passengers.

Why so nostalgic for the year 1986 and the 1979 Ford Country Squire despite their seeming incongruity? And what does any of that have to do with wrestling? Well, let’s tie it all together: World Wrestling Entertainment recently uncovered a treasure trove of VHS tapes from now-defunct rival promotion Southpaw Regional Wrestling. Among these tapes, you will find a number of ads for Malibu Al’s Car Emporium that seek to encourage ‘rasslin fans to buy up what he affectionately calls “The Original Midnight Meat Wagon.” Whatever that means.

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Somewhat inaccurately represented by Malibu Al as the wave of the future, the station wagon has sadly become a fixture of the past—even with assurances that the 1979 Ford Country Squire’s backseat is conducive to starting a family that consists of upwards of six children. Again, a little fuzzy on how that works, but Malibu Al is a smooth enough customer that I’m willing to take him at his word.

Oh, apart from the whole being arrested for racketeering and sentenced to 15 years in the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Other than that, probably a stand-up guy.

You can enjoy Malibu Al as part of six recently-uncovered episodes of Southpaw Regional Wrestling in the videos below. Al only pops up in episodes one, three, and six, but watch the whole thing because 1.) it’s the very finest in classic professional wrestling and should hit the spot for those who still lament the death of WCW 2.) the exploits of legendary tag-team Tex2Badd as they try to make a town in their sweet, sweet Pontiac Firebird is a great way to cap off your Friday.

Who knows: maybe the reemergence of these episodes will spark a flame of nostalgia that leads to Ford bringing back the Country Squire station wagon.

Actually, nope. That’s not going to happen.

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