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Vehicular Viewing: New to Streaming for February 2021

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Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu new releases

If you need some extra motivation to stay home this February (besides how grim the weather is outside), the major streaming services are here to help. They’ll be adding plenty of gearhead-friendly movies and TV shows over the coming month, from intriguing new releases to time-tested classics.

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Batman (1989)

Tim Burton’s colorful take on Batman has been overshadowed a bit in recent years by Christopher Nolan’s grittier approach, but it still ranks as one of the all-time great blockbusters. Plus, Michael Keaton drives a super-cool art deco Batmobile. Once you’re done watching this one, HBO Max has also added its three sequels: Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin. (HBO Max, 2/1)


Logan Lucky (2017)

In this fun, twisty heist flick from master director Steven Soderbergh, a ragtag “Ocean’s 7-Eleven” gang makes plans to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway during a NASCAR race. (Hulu, 2/17)


Nomadland (2021)

The critically acclaimed Nomadland — based on a nonfiction book I reviewed a couple of years ago for The News Wheel — dramatizes the lives and stories of American workers who live in their vehicles and travel from job to job. (Hulu, 2/19)


Sideways (2004)

Two down-on-their-luck friends pile into a Saab 900 convertible to experience Northern California wine country (and perhaps learn a few lessons along the way) in this indie comedy favorite. (Hulu, 2/1)

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Car SOS: season 8

This British series adds a heartwarming twist to the typical car-restoration show formula by focusing on vehicle owners who can’t afford repairs because of financial or medical misfortunes. (Disney Plus, 2/26)


The Crew: season 1 (2015)

This new sitcom stars Kevin James as a veteran NASCAR crew chief who’s forced to deal with sudden changes on his racing team. (Netflix, 2/15)


Faster with Finnegan: season 1

A spinoff of the long-running Roadkill TV show, Faster with Finnegan spotlights on-the-cheap custom modifications and dramatic track showdowns. (Amazon, 2/1)