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[VIDEO] BMW i8 Innovations Are Available for the BMW i3

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BMW i8 innovations i3 ad screen shot You Tube Navigation interior

BMW i8 innovations like this HUD will be available in other models. Source: BMW YouTube

Unless you have $135,000 to spare (or more, based on how inflated the prices for BMW’s revolutionary plug-in i8 hybrid are becoming), you probably will never get to use the fancy features of the technological glory that is the BMW i8.

That is, unless you buy the BMW i3.

BMW i8 Innovations Share the Road

Not wanting to let its state-of-the-art tech toys  be limited to buyers of the 8-series, BMW plans to share some of the newfangled goodness with BMW i3 drivers. To publicize this move, the German automaker has released not one, but a series of three commercials proudly featuring the BMW i8 innovations available for the 3-series.

BMW i8 Innovations Commercial: Eyes Everywhere

“Eyes Everywhere,” BMW’s first advertisement for BMW i8 innovations showcases the surround view camera system, which displays a real-time, 360-degree panoramic view of the vehicle’s surroundings onto the in-dashboard screen. One of multiple options available in the Driver Assistance packages, this technology is ideal for maneuvering the car around tight spaces.

You’ll notice the bait-and-switch advertising technique that reveals the surround view camera is not just for the high-priced i8 but the 2015 X3 compact luxury crossover as well.

BMW i8 Innovations Commercial: Looking Forward

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The next BMW i8 Innovation commercial, entitled “Looking Forward,” showcases the full-color heads up display (HUD). While HUD technology is not new to the automotive scene, BMW is using it for more than just your speedometer. Now you’ll view everything from navigation direction to safety sensors and speed limits projected in front of you.

The HUD will cost BMW 2015 3-series owners anywhere between $3,150 for the basic Technology Package to $950 for Driver Assistance or $1,900 for Driver Assistance Plus Package. Clearly, BMW wants to keep drivers’ eyes on the road and off their wallets.

BMW i8 Innovations Commercial: Change

BMW’s final i8 innovation actually is only advertised for the 5-series rather than the 3-series. These sharp, efficient LED headlights automatically adjust based on driving conditions, and wrap around the car’s bumper to provide peripheral visibility. You’ll find these handy lanterns in the 5-series’ $1,900 Lighting Package. 

While these features are all well and good for driver safety, most of us with our eyes on the BMW i8 are more interested in its other features, like the swan-wing doors. Perhaps those will one day be available for other BMW drivers?

In our dreams.