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[VIDEO] Hilarious PSA Demonstrates Turn Signals for Confused Drivers

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Here’s a scenario that most drivers can identify with: you’re driving to work on your morning commute when the idiot in front of you makes a sudden move, such as a lane change or a turn, without giving any notice. Angrily, you hit the brakes, honk your horn, and mutter irritably under your breath. Well, it seems that the issue of drivers not using their turn signals isn’t just an annoyance to the majority of commuters; it’s also something that really bothers state troopers.

In order to get people to pay attention and start using their turn signals, an Indiana state trooper has put out a PSA educating people on a new, innovative safety feature called a “turn signal.” Not only will use of this feature prevent crashes, he explains, but it will also help prevent road rage. Watch the hilarious video below:

This incredible stick on the left-hand of every steering wheel does something utterly amazing: when you push it down, it activates a flashing light on the front left AND the back left to show drivers around you that you’re going to make a left turn! And, even more incredible, if you push the “turn signal” up, it will do the same on the right-hand side so your fellow drivers will know you’re going to turn right or change lanes!

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Not only is this safety feature extremely easy to use; it’s available on every single car sold in the United States. That’s right; even in the car you’re driving right now! Whether your ride is a 1993 Honda Accord or a 2017 Subaru Outback, you’re guaranteed to be able to use this innovative safety feature to alert drivers of your intent to make a turn or a lane change.

This video is about as hilariously sarcastic as they come, but it addresses a real problem. The only downside to the video is that the people who need to watch it are the ones who probably won’t see it.

But seriously. If you are a person who drives a car on the road around other people who drive cars on the road, please do not be a turd who refuses to move their left hand a fraction of an inch to signal your intent to make a turn to fellow drivers. Seriously, not only are you being a total butthead, but you are also incurring the wrath of state troopers like this one.