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[VIDEO] Mom in Toyota Minivan Spoofs Ken Block’s Gymkhana Series

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Ken Block is one badass dude, so it only makes sense that his Gymkhana video series would be spoofed by one badass mom. Yep, shoe retailer Famous Footwear decided to make a video of its own, called Momhkana, starring a mom and her kids racing around the suburbs, drifting and performing donuts, all in a souped-up Toyota Sienna minivan.

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The video kicks off innocently enough, with a mom picking up her two kids from school in her minivan. The kids get in and buckle up—although a little more thoroughly than usual—and the three take off down the road. Once clear of the school, the mom slams her foot on the gas and takes off quickly, thanks to a GM LS series engine which is good for around 550 horsepower. She then proceeds to drift around medians, do donuts in cul-de-sacs, and slaloms through a series of recycle bins. It’s every suburban mom’s dream.

Toyota Sienna Momkhana

Mom ain’t messing around

Once Mom has gotten all she can out of the Sienna, she comes to a stop outside—where else—Famous Footwear.

The video knocks the “soccer mom” stereotype out of the park, and proves that moms can be just as badass as professional rally drivers like Ken Block. Well, possibly not the majority of moms, but some. Well, one. And what better minivan to act badass in than Busta Rhymes’ favorite Swagger Wagon?

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News Source: Motor Trend