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[VIDEO] Pennzoil Uses Drifting Dodge Challenger Hellcat to Tease Upcoming “Joyride”

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[VIDEO] Pennzoil Uses Drifting Dodge Challenger Hellcat Tease Upcoming Joyride

Photo: Pennzoil

Back in March, Pennzoil posted an exclusively-online video to promote its high-quality synthetic motor oil. The video, called “Airlift Drift” and starring a 707-horsepower Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, was well-received by gearheads and horsepower junkies online. The commercial may not have screamed, “Buy our product,” but it was a well-polished marketing approach that squarely appealed to its target audience.

Because of the success of the first video, and supposed pleads for more from fans, Pennzoil has released a follow-up commercial. Intended as a prequel to its upcoming 2016 series of videos entitled “Joyride,” this new video delivers more of the same full-throttle footage of its predecessor.

Watch the Original “Airlift Drift” Video

The original 90-second “Airlift Drift” video is relatively simple: footage of a yellow Dodge Challenger Hellcat driving through the empty streets of Cape Town, South Africa. The shots are quick, frequent, and loud, emphasizing the speed and power of the muscle car as it tears through the streets.

Eventually, it reaches a place where it’s airlifted by helicopters–or rather, the platform underneath it is, with the help of some computerized magic–and continues drifting as it’s suspended above the city. Fin.

In case you were dying to know who is driving the Challenger Hellcat, or where he/she got the car, Pennzoil is working on an answer for you…

Here’s the Follow-Up Video Teasing 2016’s “Joyride” Sequel

Check out the follow-up video to “Airlift Drift” that paves the way for a three-part sequel series next year titled “Joyride.”

This video begins with a shadowy figure at the Smile Diner in the middle of the night. He sees the televisions showing a car drifting on a raised platform—the ending scene of “Airlift Drift.” Cut to 30 minutes earlier. The hooded stranger is playing a video game in an arcade until the alarm on his phone goes off. He opens a locker—no doubt a drop box—to receive car keys and an address. He finds the yellow Hellcat in a parking garage and takes it for a spin—the one seen earlier. The video concludes with similar footage to that in “Airlift Drift.”

“In 2016, we’re going on a few adventures like you’ve never seen before,” explains Pennzoil on its website. “We’ll push the boundaries of what a car can do in all sorts of terrains and environments to truly illustrate the importance of motor oil performance. So climb-in, buckle-up, and reach for that overhead handle.”

Will next year’s “Joyride” be a hit? Or will it merely retread the same territory this second time around?