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[VIDEO] Record-Setting, Hydrogen-Powered Hyundai SUV Speeds Through Desert

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Hyundai Tucson SUV sets land speed record for hydrogen powered SUV

Everyone knows a hydrogen-powered vehicle is fuel-efficient…but did you know it’s also fast?

Hyundai set out to prove that an eco-friendly car like the H20-emitting Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) doesn’t have to be weak to be clean. The mission was to set a land speed record for a Production Fuel Cell SUV, and Hyundai officials braved the heat of the Soggy Dry Lake Bed of the California Desert to accomplish their goal.

At the end of the day, the Hyundai Tucson FCV exceeded 94 mph while only emitting water vapor—setting a new land speed record.

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Check Out the Hyundai Tucson FCV Blow Through the Desert:

In the video, the 2016 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicle shows its potential by reaching a top speed of 94.6 mph–set to the music of Wagner’s “Flight of the Valkyries.” The most impressive part of the footage is when the SUV stars rolling and the music stops: we get to hear how incredibly quiet the Tuscon’s engine is.

California was the perfect place to test the Tucson FCV due to the large concentration of hydrogen vehicles and refueling stations located in Southern California. In addition to showing off its top speed potential, the FCV also displayed its 265-mile EPA-estimated range and off-roading expertise.

While it’s debatable if this land speed record is really as impressive as it sounds or was just a marketing stunt to draw attention, one thing is certain: the Tucson is a capable vehicle in the desert or the city.

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