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[VIDEO] Toyota Jan Talks Up ToyotaCare

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toyota jan commercial toyotacare

Jan in one of her recent Toyota commercials

Toyota Jan, depicted in the automaker’s commercials by Laurel Coppock, is a beloved figure in automotive advertising. Here on The News Wheel, we regularly see comments from Jan fans on our articles about her pregnancy, her life, and her wide array of commercials. Now, Toyota Jan fans can watch their heroine in a series of commercials advertising ToyotaCare.

What is ToyotaCare, you ask? Why, it’s a no-cost maintenance plan included on every new Toyota for the first two years or 25,000 miles, plus roadside assistance for two years (no mileage limit). Using ToyotaCare, you can get your oil and filters changed, your tires rotated, and your fluids inspected and adjusted for no cost. This applies to all new Toyota vehicles that are purchased or leased.

Now, back to Jan. In the first commercial, titled “Ups” (not to be confused with UPS) Jan talks about ToyotaCare while playing with the “toys” in the dealership service department. Check it out below.

Jan’s second commercial is titled “Phones.” Here, she gives more details on what ToyotaCare includes and finishes with, “Schedule your appointment today!” Almost immediately, the phones start ringing, presumably with Toyota customers eager to take advantage of their no-cost maintenance plans. Watch this commercial below.

A third commercial featuring Jan discusses Toyota Express Maintance—a service that aims to get your car in and out of the dealership in as little time possible. In this commercial, Jan is hanging out in the service center’s waiting room. She talks about how you’ll only have time to read half a magazine or eat one cookie in the time it takes the Toyota mechanics to service your vehicle; but Jan plans to hang out for longer in the comfy waiting room. Check it out:

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